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ProLine Sport 12” Handle w/8-section Mainline Package

Features 12” Tacky rubber handle for increased grip New curved endcap and hexagon plug reduces handle roll Durable 3/8” Poly-Propylene rope w/8 sections Floating handle and mainline for improved safety and visibilit

Ronix Surf Rope Bungee w/10” Handle w/25ft Rope Package

PU synthetic leather wrap cover Nylon semi bar lock (anti-roll) 11” Hide grip w/ 3D molded pattern for an extra tacky grip Inside EVA for flotation 3mm thick memory foam 1.25” Handle diameter 25ft w/ 4-sections 2ft Bungee section helps you get into the pocket faster

Jobe Wakesurf Rope

This wake surf rope's weave is thicker than the mainline, so you can hold on tight. With comfy EVA grip - a lightweight, soft and smooth handle -, detachable sections, a 10'' inch (25,4cm) handle and 2 floats this is a real boss on the wake. 10" | 25.4 cm wide

Jobe Prime Wake Combo Blue

This entry level wakeboard Handle features EVA profiled-grip, which provides a lively feeling. Its pencil EVA-floats keep the rope away from propellers and make it easy to retrieve. 15 inch/38.1 cm wide handle 16 strand main line 27,5cm diameter grip 65 ft. | 19,8m mainline EVA profiled handle grip Pencil floats to support floatation

Jobe Watersports Bridle With Pulley 12ft 2P

Maximum pull 2 ​​people Length 12ft. 2 stainless steel hooks to connect to your boat. Float to keep the rope away from the propeller. Maximum breaking strength 2375 lbs./1077 kg

Jobe Magnum Bridle 8ft 4P

Maximum towing of 4 people in trailers. Total length 8ft. 2 stainless steel hooks to connect to your boat. Float to keep the rope away from the propeller.

Jobe Cable Bridle Stainless Steel Hooks 8ft 1P

Μέγιστο τράβηγμα 1 άτομο Μήκος 8 πόδια. 2 άγκιστρα από ανοξείδωτο χάλυβα για σύνδεση με το σκάφος σας. Επιπλέετε για να κρατάτε το σχοινί μακριά από τη βάση. Μέγιστη αντοχή θραύσης 1170 λίβρες/530 κιλά

Jobe Buckle Connector

Αυτός ο γενικός σύνδεσμος 3 ποδιών λειτουργεί για ρυμουλκούμενα χωρίς πόρπη. Συνδέστε το σύνδεσμο της πόρπης και κάντε τη ρυμούλκησή σας βολική. Ταιριάζει σε ρυμουλκούμενους χωρίς ταχυσύνδεσμο Μήκος: 3 πόδια, 0,9μ

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